Kristaphor Ostrander


Kris became the Administrator at The Horizon Senior Living in West Branch in April of 2024 in hopes of taking care of as many people as possible. Prior to this, Kris worked as a Resident Caregiver and filled in as needed at The Horizon Senior Living in St. Helen, where he worked alongside his wife. He started taking care of people as a child while helping his grandparents and continued that work at The Horizon because he has a soft spot for all people, but specifically the aged. Before his time at The Horizon, Kris served his country in the army for a time and then moved back to his hometown where he was a municipal worker. He is also a licensed Firefighter and went to school to become a paramedic. Kris has a family who he cares for deeply and he considers and treats every resident in his community like they're family as well.